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CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION · The latest findings in quantum physics have revolutionized our conception of reality, as no particle exists until observed. Reality needs consciousness to be. The notion that the universe arises from life, and not the other way around, is radically transforming our perception and understanding of the cosmos. As life places a key role in the creation of reality, Biocentrism becomes more relevant than ever, challenging our relationship with the surroundings. the same conclusions that non-dualism.

ECOLOGIC MINDUNITED BY NATURE · The nature-deficit-disorder that has been affecting highly technologic societies today, has brought about a paradoxical counterpart with a strong rise of environmental awareness and a conscious unity among beings that fights against the alienating denaturalization process of mankind. Literature, art, music, film and other artistic expressions are returning their attention to nature, giving life to the ecology aesthetics that are reshaping our culture. Sustainability cannot be seen as a marketing strategy but as an honest branding purpose that transcends to all the different aspects of the organization and can inspire creativity and positive action in the climate change emergency we are in. We are, after all, united by nature.