• “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.

    Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.

    Together, powerful beyond imagination.”

    Tom Asacker




    Fusing the physical, digital, and biological worlds

    The possibilities that Cloud computing offers, including Hybrid collaborative Workplace, Automation, IoT,
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analysis offer creates a new paradigm for businesses,
    opening new markets and opportunities that will lead to a more sustainable coexistence.

    CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION · The latest findings in quantum physics have revolutionized our conception...
    Digital transformation & the hybrid workplace: Companies across the globe are digitally...
    Machines can be programmed to mimicking human intelligence and learn by examining patterns in...
    The internet of things has the potential to have a greater impact on society than the first...
    We’re all participants in a global economy that’s not only interconnected, but increasingly...
    Around the world, cities are growing. There are 22 metropolitan areas with populations of more...
    This digital transformation is a societal meta-development directly impacting the subconscious...
    TRANSNATIONAL MARKETS · Intercultural relationships are the basis of a new global society that...
    ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY · The economy is the system of trading energy and goods in the...



    Get the support you need to continue innovating


    analytic & creative vision

    Creative strategists are a strange breed of people trained to use both brain hemispheres simultaneously, half planners half creators, with the capacities for imagination, empathy, research, memory, organization Their unique perspective and knowledge brings new sets of possible solutions, which often inspire others to think out of the box, and motivates them to take action. and intuition strongly developed. ...read more


    the art of the possible

    While creativity is the capability or act of conceiving an original or unusual idea, innovation implies the implementation of something new to the market. The Innovation Plan involves the idea generation and opportunity recognition needed to take advantage of market opportunities to introduce that new business, product, service or process optimization. ...read more


    strategic developments

    Technical briefings and project documentation is essential to accomplish the design plan on schedule, and to flow among the different parts of the developing teamDigital tools provide a complete visibility over remote team’s progress and performance to stay on track and hit the project goals on time. Planning, prioritize tasks, collaborate with clients, and track progress can be all done in one central workspace. These mobile tools ...read more

    agility and leadership

    Fluid communication with business decision makers and stakeholders is key to define the project scope, understanding the organization mission and purpose of the project, goals to achieve, specific expectations, and other wants and needs. An agile Project Manager will appropriately estimate costs and resources, plan sprint deadlines, monitor and control quality deliverables and close the project in a manner that fosters growth for the team and the organization. ....read more


    stop energy leaks

    Lean thinking focuses on reviewing and adjusting all the processes and resources of the enterprise, in the search of the points where energy might be being wasted. A creative reviewing can help spotting and correct them, implementing the appropriate changes, in time delays, extra-processing, defects, over-production, inventory excess, extra motion, unnecessary transportation, and in-utilised human capital.

    forecasting & budgeting

    Developing an accurate budget, ensuring all the project requirements are accurately identified, documented and confirmed with stakeholders, as well as foreseeing possible contingencies, risk mitigation, and unexpected costs impacts, would lead to an effective cost management, able to successfully provide the highest return on investment possible ...read more


    visualizing metrics

    for informed decisions

    Data visualization tools help decision makers to analyze big data trends that would be unintelligible otherwise. Images can convey ideas, and therefore data visualization is a powerful framework to sketch convincing stories out of the interpretation of raw data to discover insights, identify patterns, predict possible outcomes, and detect needs for improvement.


    things don't change,

    people change

    Adoption and Change Management (ACM) provides an approach to prepare, plan, and adopt new technology and/or new ways of working, ensuring the change is sustained and reinforced. In today's constantly changing environment, it is key to prepare, train, and support individuals to successfully adopt change and drive organizational transformations that help achieving new business outcomes.


    successful customer journey

    Pushing your product towards consumers is not effective in today's digital scene, with little time and attention. Your clients and prospects are attracted to quality fresh content, and so are search engines. Foreseeing specific searches that your product or service will resolve is key. Inbound marketing is the art of attracting customers naturally, nurture them, satisfy them and let them become your own promoters! ...read more


    sales force management

    Arm your salespeople with the skills they need to truly articulate the value and differentiation of your solution. Being audible-ready to define your solutions to customer problems in a way that differentiates you from your competitors and allows you to charge a premium for your products and services. ...read more


    relationship-based sales

    Sales and marketing should always work together, reporting to each other about what activities bring the best leads. A good classification of leads and prospect scoring, help focusing in the account management activities that build pipeline. To build strong rapport and long-lasting relationships with your customer, look beyond the product and focus instead on customer needs and interests. ...read more


    post-sale services & upsales

    Customer Success provides relationship-based support that ensures that customers achieve their desired outcomes while using your service or product, genuinely improving their satisfaction and brand loyalty. A satisfy client become your best promoter and advocate. CSM is tied up to the organization bottom line as it helps maintaining customers happy and improve renewal rates, create up-sales opportunities and boost revenue. ...read more




    Challenges for humanity

    Why technology favours tyranny?

    Yuval Noah Harari

    Top scientists warn of 'ghastly future of mass extinction' for planet as leaders underestimate ecological threats

    Amy Woodyatt and Ivana Kottasova, CNN

    Can 'eugenics' be defended?​

    Walter Veit, Jonathan Aomaly, Nicholas Agar, Peter Singer, Diana S. Fleischmann and Francesca Minerva





    From Inspiration to Innovation

  • “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way.

    An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” - Charles Bukowsky



    Macu Moran's interdisciplinary education has brought her to manage a variety of projects that relate to studies in the fields of economy, art, science, politics, technology, and sociocultural trends, particularly interested in globalization, biocentrism, intellectual property, and innovation.

  • Macu Moran graduated in International Business Management Bachelor Honours degree at the Erasmus University of Applied Sciences within the International School of Economics of Rotterdam (ISER), The Netherlands, focusing her Thesis in the "Philosophic, economic and commercial challenges for the creative industries at the start of the XXI Century."


    She continued her academic trajectory with studies in Art Appraisal, Curatorial Practices, and Imagery Digital Cataloging at the New York University, USA, followed by a Master's degree in Cultural Journalism for the Creative Industries at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, and by a Media Communication Master's degree at the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona, Spain.


    Working over a decade as Director of New Markets for artnet Worldwide Corporation in Wall Street, New York, her broad interest in Technology-based art brought her to establish the VideoArtWorld organization in 2005. This pioneering organization created, established, and promoted international standards, commonly accepted worldwide, for the appropriate valuing, disseminating, collecting, and preserving audio-visual artistic creations. She continued working as a visionary entrepreneur and business consultant, developing several virtual architectures, offline projects, and vision boards towards an appropriate thrive of humanity, based on the study of innovative productions and the promotion of sustainable models for the creative industries in the digital era, gathered under the holding Imagery Spectrum · Progressive Projects.


    In recent years she completed an intensive technical course on New Media & Digital Communications at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, New York. She now lives in London where she has been working as an Accenture Project Consultant for Microsoft, and pursued her Certifications in Project Management Professional (PMP®), Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO™), Adoption and Change Management for Managers (PROSCI), Agile for Microsoft Apps (CUSTOMERY), and the Microsoft Fundamental Certifications in Office 365, Teams, Dynamics, Azure, Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Power Platform.


    For more information Wikipedia Macu Moran / www.macumoran.com / www.macumoma.com



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